Monday, January 30, 2012

A Pinterest Challenge To Myself...


I absolutely love that site for all of the creative ideas, pretty inspiration photos, and recipe ideas.  And since I have only 3500 or so ideas pinned, I thought I'd challenge myself to create, sew (well learn to sew), or cook at least one item each month for 2012.  I hope to share at least one project/recipe as I've tried them out.  Anyone care to join me?

So for the month of January, I am in full birthday party planning mode for my daughter.  This year she is turning FIVE!!! on Valentine's Day.  I asked her what she'd like to do for her birthday.  Her response was to "roll a ball."  So a bowling party it is.  I created a birthday party board on Pinterest for bowling party ideas such as invites, party favor bags, and decor.  I used ideas from two invites I found online to create my daughter's invites.

I liked the wording from this invite.  I decided to write it on black card stock I already owned with a white gel pen.

I used my circle cutter to cut out bowling balls from the card stock.  Then I used a hole punch to create the finger holes of the ball and another hole for ribbon.  The other invite I used as inspiration shows a bowling ball covering a pin and connected with a ribbon bow.

I decided not to cut the actual invitation into a bowling pin shape.  It was just easier that way and maybe a little bit lazy.  :)  The bowling ball slides away to reveal all of the important party info.  Taylor's favorite color right now is pink. I choose a hot pink colored font for the invite and used a matching sheer ribbon to tie it all together.  I found pink envelopes at Michaels and finished the invites off with gold inked addresses and heart stickers.  Side note:  The holes on this invite are wonky and this particular invite was not used.

Next on the agenda is designing the party favor bags.  I am working on making Hello Kitty "Thank you for celebrating with me" tags for the bags.  And I know they will have more pink ribbons.  I may even attach a another bowling ball similar to this idea:

I am also going to attempt to make Hello Kitty cupcake toppers using Photoshop and card stock.  I'll include pics after the party.


  1. Great idea! I guess I'm late for January but may do one for February. Your invitations look so cute! Can't wait to see more pics. I'm sure Taylor will LOVE it!

  2. You did a great job on the invites!! Very unique and cute! Sign us up! What are Tays major themes now...bedroom...likes?