Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stencil Mock-up

 I had an extra canvas sitting around so I decided to "practice" the stencil from this tutorial.  I used an acrylic craft paint in a similar color to my wall color.  It is a little darker than the walls but I think the crisp white will have the same affect.  I resized the template by 50%, cut it out, and began tracing onto my canvas.  This was a quick project and it is not perfect.  Next I free-handed the white lines along the tracing.  The tutorial suggested using a flat brush but I just used a normal craft brush.  My lines did not come out as clean as Emily's.  I may try another quick practice run with a flat brush I have to see if I can get neater lines.  Here is a close-up pic of the design (ignore the darker appearance of the base color):

And here is a pic of the canvas sitting on the table along the wall I would like to stencil:

What do you think?  Is it worth all the effort to trace and hand paint?  Or should I just wait until Monday when my other stencil is supposed to arrive?  In any case, I will probably think about it another few days.

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  1. Beautiful painting Monica! So glad you finally started blogging-- thanks for sending your link my way! Hope you have a great week, girl!