Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello!  Welcome to Creative Gator!!  I have been an avid blog reader for 10 years but until now have never started my own blog.  I am hoping this will become a place for me to share my ideas, crafts, home DIY, and little snippets of my daily life with my husband, daughter, 2 dogs, and a cat at our home near the beach.  A few additional bits of info about me:

  • SAHM to my 4 year old daughter
  • Addicted to Coke, Dr Pepper, and Facebook
  • Huge college football fan  Go Gators!
  • I think the DVR is one of the best inventions  (the iPhone too!)
  • Loves: browsing the internet, Pinterest, finding new recipes, online shopping, and traveling
  • Current color obsession is turquoise
  • I like to paint, make jewelry, paper crafts, make holiday decorations, plan parties
  • Favorite objects/inspiration:  coral, shells, starfish, mermaids, the beach
  • Favorite vacation spot: Maui, Hawaii

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