Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spring Break: Colorado!

Wow, it has been a few months.  I have no excuses other than being busy with life.

We spent my daughter's spring break week in Colorado.  We had our fingers crossed that we might get to see some snow, her first.  Well, we definitely got what we wished for.  We are lucky we were able to land in Denver that Friday night.  We still had to drive into Boulder to our hotel.  The snow was coming down sideways. I think we got to our hotel around 2:30 am ET.  We were tired!

Our first day, we went sledding in a local park in Boulder:

We then headed to Estes Park for a few days.  We visited a local brewery and The Rocky Mountain National Park.

While in the park, we hiked up to a lake (it was freezing), sledded some more, and were on the look out for wildlife.  We saw deer, wolves, lots of elk and a coyote.

After all of that snowy fun, we were definitely ready to return home to the warm state of Florida!

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  1. How fun that she got to see snow! We moved from Colorado to Washington almost 4 years ago, and lived in between Denver and Boulder. Estes Park is a lot of fun to visit in the summer, although the stores are a bit touristy. They have an awesome rainbow colored slide that is HUGE, so much fun to go down.