Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five For Friday


1.  It was awesome to watch my Gators beat up on South Carolina last Saturday!  Our house was full of excitement all day from the start of ESPN's Game Day until our game was over.  Next up, we play Georgia tomorrow in Jacksonville.  Bring it!

2.  A not-so-quick two hour drive (each way!) to visit the pumpkin patch I grew up going to with friends and family.

3.  Taking my best friend out to dinner for her birthday.  I made her a jewelry pin board to hang necklaces on.

4.  Watching my daughter learn new dance moves in her ballet, jazz, and tap classes.

5.  Happy my daughter's school was canceled today due to Hurricane Sandy.  We have lots to do to get ready for an action packed weekend of fun.  Stay tuned...

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