Friday, August 31, 2012

Five For Friday: Orange and Blue Edition

Happy Friday of Labor Day weekend!!

1) First of all, of the non-orange and blue:

We only had some rain from TS Isaac as it passed us by.  School was not even canceled on Monday in our area!

2)  I made an orange and blue deco mesh Gator wreath for our front door.  It was nice to actually spend some time crafting again.

3) Orange and Blue manicures for my daughter and I:

4)  Today is "Wear Your College Colors Day"

My sweetie wore her Hello Kitty Gators t-shirt along with blue and orange hair ribbons and her manicure to school today.

5)  Looking forward to the Gators kicking off their season opener at home against Bowling Green State University tomorrow afternoon!  We are starting the season off with a redesigned field:


What are your plans for the holiday weekend?  We have a family wedding to attend on Saturday night. I'm sure we will sneak in a BBQ,  beach or pool time, and lots of fun with family and friends.

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  1. love the manicure!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello! :)