Friday, February 3, 2012

High Five For Friday!


Happy Friday!!!  Here are my top five highlights from the past week:

1.  Our Sheltie, Summer had her annual vet check-up.  Yay for a healthy pet!!!  Also, pets lounging out in the sun on a warm January afternoon in Florida.  Summer, Chloe, Kobe

2.  Playtime in the backyard after school with my daughter

3.  A Sephora box landing on my doorstep.  I ordered some new lipgloss, Philosophy face wash, and nail polish.  I also got my free birthday gift, Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo.  I have to say they are awesome but I am really loving the Sugar Lip Treatment from the set.  It has a pleasant lemon scent and makes your lips smooth like butter.

4.  My birthday!!!  It was a great day spent with hubby, daughter, and friends.  Family celebration commences this weekend.

5.  New wood flooring!!  We finally chose a hardwood to replace the almost 10 year old carpet in our master bedroom.  It will be installed next Friday.  Sooooo excited!

What are your top 5 happy things from the week?  Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend?  Super Bowl party?


  1. Enjoyed your top 5! I tried to send you an email but couldn't find your email address?? Anyways thanks for "stopping by" today, have a great weekend!

  2. Really enjoying the Florida weather too :) Hope you have a great birthday celebration with your family.