Monday, November 21, 2011

Gator Game

My husband and I are both UF alumni and have been going to games every season since we graduated 12 years ago.  It started out by going to as many games as we could get tickets for.  Some years it was 4-5 games.  The last several years it has been getting harder and harder to buy tickets.  We usually purchase our's the minute they go on sale in April for the following fall season.  Now that we have a child and ticket prices are now $50 EACH, even for an infant or toddler who is going to sit on your lap anyway, we only go to one or two a year.

This year, we only bought tickets for one game.  Now we have gotten smarter and don't bother with the first several games of the year because it is way too hot.  It is next to impossible to get single game tickets for an SEC opponent so we were left with Furman.  Furman?  Who is that?  Well apparently it is a team that showed up ready to play us hard in the Swamp.  I have to say I was quite surprised to look up at the scoreboard and see it 15-0 three quarters of the way through the first quarter.  And it wasn't the Gators who had the 15 points.  WHAT!?!  But I never lost faith that our team would get it together and start making big plays.  We got to see a beautiful long pass caught by Andre Dubose and then he ran, crossing the field to score a touchdown.  The stadium was electrified by that play.  We also enjoyed watching 2 interception returns for touchdowns.  They happened right in front of our seats!

Taylor with the Marston Science Library "french fries:"

I spent A LOT of time in this library.

Strolling under the big oaks:

Beautiful holly tree outside of McCarty Hall A:
(also had many, many classes in that old building)

One of our traditions is to go to the bookstore to get new Gator gear before the games.  If you don't dress your kid up in silly hats or accessories while at any store and take funny pics, then you are missing out!

A future Florida cheerleader:

The view from our seats (Row 23 I think):

Touchdown!!!  Finally points up on the board for the Gators:

I spy Alberta:

Halftime show:

Taylor had a blast.  She definitely proved that she has been sufficiently "brainwashed" and knows all the Gator cheers by heart.  I was amazed that she was so into the game this year and had enough energy to continue that enthusiasm for the entire game.  She watched other fans dancing around and copied what they were doing.  She helped increase the Swamp's noise factor by cupping her mouth and screaming along with everyone else.  So fun!  And we can't wait until she is a freshman at UF someday.  Oh wait, yes we can. She is growing up way too fast.  So for now, we will take her to at least one game every year if we can to further immerse her in our beloved Gator culture.


  1. Ohmygoodness! Such great pictures bringing back great memories. Love the "fries" and I definitely miss the giant oak trees! Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the game. Taylor represents the Gators well- a beautiful Florida cheerleader :)

  2. Great pics, Monica! Don't forget us, we would love to go to a game soon. Just give us a weeks notice-looks like so much fun!