Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Pinterest Challenge: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Place cards

I am linking up with Young House Love and Bower Power today for Fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge.

My lovely in-law's are hosting our family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.  The food is sure to be delicious and we'll be in the company of family we love and enjoy spending time with.  I wanted to lend a hand in decorating our Thanksgiving table this year by making place cards.  I came across several options while browsing Pinterest and added them to my Let's Talk Turkey board.  For the Fall Pinterest Challenge, I decided on this pin:

The original came from Holly Mathis Interiors.

I made a stop at my local craft store to look for faux mini pumpkins.  But I was out of luck and they were sold out for the season.  I didn't want to buy real pumpkins in fear that they would be rotten by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.  I did find some mini pumpkins made out of dried corn husks and decided to improvise.  After all this is about crafting and making it my own.  I wrote out our guests' names using a gold calligraphy ink pen onto tags and attached them using sisal twine I already had laying around the house.  For the two pumpkins that will sit at the head of the table, I used glittery pumpkins I found in the clearance bin.

This was a quick and simple project.  I hope to add several more projects to our Thanksgiving decor this year.  


  1. Monica, these turned out great and what a fun idea! Your calligraphy rocks! Wondering if you could sneak some candies inside the corn husks or something?

  2. You have great handwriting, so pretty! These will definitely make the table look festive. :-)