Monday, August 29, 2011

August is almost over....

So, a whole month has almost gone by since my last post.  August has been a busy month.  My child started Pre-K three weeks ago.  It has definitely been an adjustment waking up early FIVE days a week after a lazy summer of sleeping in.  Another major adjustment for me is having to put on something other than PJ's before 7:30 am in order to walk her the half mile to school.  I am enjoying my child-free time but still getting used to our new schedule.  I hope to have the time to get started (and finish!) a lot of projects in the next few months.

I've been helping a friend come up with dessert ideas (Thank you Pinterest!) for her husband's 30th birthday party.  I will also be making tutu's to be used as party favors at her daughter's 3rd birthday party in the next few weeks.  I have so many fun ideas for decorating her house for that party too.  I am planning to make my daughter a peacock Halloween costume.  I have begun collecting the supplies for it and hopefully can make my vision work out.  Wish me luck trying to figure out the tail of feathers.

August has been a month of reunions with many of our college friends.  We have been fortunate to spend part of the last 3 weekends with 7 different families.  It is always so much fun to see our children spend time together.  Since there has been so much travel this month in addition to school starting, we are looking forward to staying home for the holiday weekend.  I know our butts will be holding down the couches.  It is almost time for college football!!!!  In this house, we root for the Orange and Blue.  Go Gators!!!  Do you have a favorite college team?  Any interesting plans for the Labor Day weekend?

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